Logging into your cpanel with SSH Nigeria

How to Generate an SSH Key

    1. Login to the cPanel that you want to connect to using SSH.
    2. Under Security click SSH/Shell Access.
    3. Click the Manage SSH Keys button, then click in the field labeled Generate a new Key.
    4. Type in a strong password, then click in the field below it and type the password again.
      creating a key
    5. Click the Generate Key button, then you will see a Key Generation Complete! message. Click the Go Backbutton.
    6. On the next screen click Manage Authorization.
    7. You will see a message stating œThe key with the name "id_dsa" (this name may differ based on your settings) is currently not authorized for use to connect to this account. You can change this by clicking here: Click theAuthorize button. You will then see a message stating œThe key œ has been authorized.

Download and Convert the SSH Key

    1. Download and install puttygen.
    2. Login to the cPanel that you want to connect to using SSH.
    3. Under Security click SSH/Shell Access.
    4. Click the Manage SSH Keys button.
    5. Under Private Keys click View/Download next to the Private key you want to use.
    6. On the next screen click the Download Key button.
    7. Open puttygen, and click the Load button.
    8. Click the PuTTY Private Key Files(*.ppk) drop-down menu, annd change it to All Files(*.*). Then, select the id_dsa file you just downloaded, and click the Open button.
      Choose the Private Key
    9. A box will pop-up asking for your PaNGNhrase. Enter the password for your key, and click OK.
      Input password
    10. You will see a message stating "Successfully imported foreign key," click the OK button.
      Puttygen notification
    11. Now click the Save private key button to download your private key file.
      Download your Private Key in puttygen

SSH using Putty

  1. Open Putty, under Connection click SSH, then Auth.
    authorizing putty
  2. Click Browse under Private key file for authentication, then select the private key you downloaded in the last section, and click Open.
  3. Click Session and under port enter: 2222
  4. For the Host Name, enter your domain name, or shared IP address,then click the Open button to connect. If you see a PuTTY Security Alert, click Yes.
    Host key is not cached message
  5. You will see "Login As". Please enter your cPanel username and then hit Enter.
  6. Then, enter the password for your key file and hit enter. For security reasons, PuTTY will not show anything when you type your password, this is normal. You will then be logged into your account via SSH.
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